Compatible Softwares

Software Company
AxioVision Carl Zeiss Inc.
cellSens Olympus
Image-Pro Plus Media Cybernetics, Inc.
Imaging Workbench INDEC BioSystems
iVision-Mac BioVision Technologies, Inc.
LabVIEW (Windows) National Instruments Corp.
Leica Application Suite Leica Microsystems
MATLAB (Image Acquisition Toolbox) The MathWorks, Inc.
MCID InterFocus Imaging, LTD.
MetaFluor Molecular Devices, Inc.
MetaMorph Molecular Devices, Inc.
MetaVue Molecular Devices, Inc.
Micro-Manager Vale Lab, UCSF
Neurolucida MBF Bioscience, MicroBrightField Inc.
NIS-Elements Nikon Instruments, Inc.
OpenLab PerkinElmer Inc.
Piper Control Stanford Photonics, Inc.
SlideBook Intelligent Imaging Innovatons, Inc.
Stereo Investigator MBF Bioscience, MicroBrightField Inc.
StreamanalySIS Olympus
StreamPix NorPix Inc.
Volocity PerkinElmer Inc.
Zen and Zen Lite Zeiss